Corey and Jeanette's Photos

Jeanette at the top of Nevada Falls - Yosemite, 2003
Corey half way up Nevada Falls
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2011 - 2012

Hawaii Trip - June 2012  


Winter get-away to Sisters, Oregon, Snowshoeing - Dec 2010 Short Term Mission Trip to Poland to help out GEM at their Annual Conference - Aug 2010
Jeanette's sister and family visiting from AZ - Nov 2010 Skiing at Mt Hood, Timberline Lodge, OR - Feb 2010
2010 Pics of our (silly) Siberian Forest Cats

2008 - 2009

Corey and Jeanette on Short Term Mission to Czech Republic with GEM - Aug 2009

Jeanette's Trip to Scotland (with her Aunt Marilyn) - April 2008

Corey's Austria & Hungary Short Term Mission with GEM - August 2008



Our 18th Anniversary spent in Bend, OR - May 2007

Pacific City, OR, with Jim/Kimberly & Family - Aug. 2007

Trip to Cannon Beach, OR, 2007 Beautiful, purebred Siberian Forest cats - 2006-2007
Mt Adams Hike, July 2007


2006 and earlier

Boating to Desolation Sound, Canada - Summer 2004 Trip to Washington - Summer 2003
Our Gilbert, AZ House/Condo - 2004 Backpacking into the Havasupais, AZ - May 2003
Hiking Grand Canyon - Fall 2003 Corey Backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail - July 2002 (Trail Notes)
Yosemite National Park - Summer 2003 Corey's Aravaipa Canyon backpacking trip with Peter Heck - April 2002


On top of Mt. Humphreys, North of Flagstaff, Sept. 2002 - Tallest Mountain in Arizona
At Cannon Beach, Oregon, August 2007

If you would like higher quality pictures to print out, please email me at coreykeating at yahoo dot com
and I will send you the originals via email or on CD.)

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